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A2 Study Notes—Year 2 Pure

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Radian Measure of Angles

Integration of Trig, Log and Exponential Functions

The Modulus Function

Further Trigonometric Identities and Equations

Integration by Substitution

Rational Expressions

Reciprocal and Inverse Trig Functions

Integration by Parts

Partial Fractions

Differentiation - Chain, Product and Quotient Rules

Further Trigonometric and Log Integration

Cartesian and Parametric Form

Differentiation - Trig, Log and Exponential Functions

Differential Equations


Parametric Differentiation

Numerical Methods - Formula Iteration

The Arithmetic Series

Implicit Differentiation

Numerical Methods - Newton-Raphson Method

The Geometric Series

Summary List of Standard Derivatives

Numerical Integration  - Trapezium Rule

The Binomial Series for Rational Powers


Vectors in Three Dimensions